Event for Companies


Concept Tailor can offer something unique to companies with employees who have the modern needs and operation mode. We want to make the life easier for those who work in environments where shirts are a necessity, and we do not think that “shirt carriers” should  spend their free time on searching for the perfect shirt and fit. We want to offer employees an unique business event where they get a chance to make shirts and blouses made-to-measure without having to leave the workplace.

During a company event, a group of employees (number per event varies depending on the event’s duration) and Tailor Concept sellers meet at an unconditioned and enjoyable event. The concept is that the sellers at Tailor Concept come to the workplace at a time that suits the employees’ work day and guide, measure, carrie out orders and later deliver the garments within four weeks to the same place.

We are convinced that an event of this nature can be appreciated in an office environment, where the shirts are part of the everyday life. If this sounds interesting to your companys’ employees, please contact our sales representative below to make a declaration of interest and to discuss an approach tailor-made for your company.